IMPORTANT: Though marked by two buoys, the Bocagrande entrance is 60 meters wide with a maximum draft of only 13 feet. To protect the city from attack, the Spanish built an underwater wall (breakwater) blocking the entrance. The center-line between the buoys has the coordinates N10 23.402 W75 34.278 . 


Entry via Bocagrande: San José Station (coastguard) VHF 16.

Arrival at Club de Pesca: Marina Club de Pesca VHF71.

CLEARANCE: All foreign vessels entering and departing Cartagena must use a maritime agent to facilitate arrangements with the local authorities. Club de Pesca maintains relationships with several agencies that will meet you at your slip and handle all of the paperwork on behalf of your crew and vessel.

COVID-19: All foreign-flagged vessels arriving Cartagena must present an arrival notice

(via SITMAR) in advance of arrival. The Port Authority is requesting that all vessels considering an arrival to Cartagena retain a maritime clearing agent BEFORE departing their current port. The agent will need to secure approval for your vessel's arrival and will also be able to advise regarding the current biosecurity protocols.