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Club de Pesca’s Regattas were established by members of the Club as way to build camaraderie across the local and international sailing communities while also promoting the practice of the sport of sailing. The races are endorsed by the Colombian Sailing Federation and governed by the World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS).


The typical scratch sheet has yachts ranging in size from 24 feet to over 65 feet and attracts all types of vessels; from serious racing boats to a variety of performance cruising, cruising boats and daysailers.


Crews are challenged with a variety of courses that are chosen based on the season’s prevailing conditions. One Saturday might provide a duel around the buoys through the calmer waters inside the Bay of Cartagena while the next week the course could head offshore down to the Rosario Islands.

Pre-Race meetings and post-race awards are held onsite at the Marina and often feature the excellent food and beverages from the Club's Kiosco. 

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