Compass Rose at Club De Pesca Marina


Official entry to the Bay of Cartagena is via the Bocachica channel. The channel is wide and well-marked (all buoys transmit AIS) with a minimum 40 ft draft. The channel splits at two points- in both cases, it is recommended that vessels entering the bay take the port channel.


Entry via Bocachica: San José Station (coastguard) VHF 16.

Arrival at Club de Pesca: Marina Club de Pesca VHF71.

The Bocachica entrance to Bahia de Cartagena and Club De Pesca Marina


IMPORTANT: Though marked by two buoys, the Bocagrande entrance is 60 meters wide with a maximum draft of only 13 feet. To protect the city from attack, the Spanish built an underwater wall (breakwater) blocking the entrance. The center-line between the buoys has the coordinates N10 23.402 W75 34.278 . 


Entry via Bocagrande: San José Station (coastguard) VHF 16.

Arrival at Club de Pesca: Marina Club de Pesca VHF71.

The BocaGrande entrance to Bahia de Cartagena and Club De Pesca Marina

CLEARANCE: All foreign vessels entering and departing Cartagena must use a maritime agent to facilitate arrangements with the local authorities. Club de Pesca has negotiated a relationship with the Maritime Agency, Logimar SAS that ensures fair and transparent pricing for our clients. Logimar's agents will meet you at your slip and handle all of the paperwork on behalf of your crew and vessel. Review pricing here.


COVID-19 January 2021: A negative Covid-19 test (PCR ) 96 hours or less prior to arriving is now required to enter Colombia by sea (and air). Vessels arriving without valid PCR tests will be required to quarantine until cleared by a PCR test.


Logimar SAS will arrange to have technicians from the University of Cartagena administer the PCR tests at our dock -at cost: $210,000 COP per person plus $50,000 COP for UC staff transportation.  No automatic quarantine required unless there is an active case of Covid19 aboard the vessel. Please advise Logimar in advance if you anticipate needing testing subsequent to arrival.

All foreign-flagged vessels arriving Cartagena must present an arrival notice (via SITMAR) in advance of arrival. The Port Authority is requesting that all vessels considering an arrival to Cartagena retain a maritime clearing agent BEFORE departing their current port. You will need to provide Logimar a copy of all passports, ship's documentation, a health record (as required by the District Administrative Department of Health (Dadis) as well as a declaration by the captain of the vessel stating that neither captain nor crew has Covid-19 nor any symptoms associated with Covid-19. Logimar will also need a list of the last three ports visited and the dates of stay. Logimar will provide these documents to the Port Authorities.


When arriving the Port of Cartagena, you must contact the Estación de Control de Tráfico Marítimo y Fluvial San José via VHF 16.