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Club de Pesca Marina recommends Logimar SAS to facilitate all clearing procedures on behalf of your arrival to Cartagena. Logimar is an extremely reputable company that provides on-site customs and immigration services at a fair price with complete price transparency and English-speaking agents. 

A typical vessel's total clearing expense (2 persons/passports) is approx. $250 USD. This includes 90-day tourist visas for the captain and crew as well as a 1-year temporary vessel importation. 

Logimar's agents will meet you at your slip and handle all of the paperwork on behalf of your vessel and crew.

Logimar & Colombian Gov't Fees 2022

(includes arrival & departure)

  • Logimar Processing fee: $120 USD

  • Colombian Gov't Agency Fees: $118 USD EQ 

  • Per person passport fee: $7 USD EQ

Vessels staying in Colombia for 5 or fewer days do not require temporary importation. Clearing costs for these short stays is $120 USD plus $7 USD per person/passport.

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